Gap in the weather brings quickfire brace

Beergut at nearly 34lb

Two in the net at once for Lee

Lee Bingham capitalised on a break in wintry conditions to land one of the biggest fish in the lake as part of a quickfire brace.

The Peterborough angler visited his local syndicate for a day session as temperatures rose last Sunday [28/1] and bagged Beergut at 33lb 15oz and a 21lb 6oz mirror.

He told Carpfeed: “After the last three day sessions on my local syndicate I had not managed a bite in terrible conditions and with the fish not playing ball.

“I arrived on Sunday to perfect conditions – sun shining and warm weather for this time of year.

“After a few hours nothing seemed to be happening, so I opted for a recast to the far margin where the sun had been beating down on all day.

“Not long after the recasts, maybe as little as 30 minutes later, I had a 33lb 15oz mirror known as Beergut.

Beergut at nearly 34lb

“Just seconds after landing this fish I had a 21lb 6oz mirror called Lil Pecs.

“I was properly made up as this was a new personal best – the effort put in on those blank sessions finally paid off.”

Lee used RG Baits Vitalac boilies soaked in Hinders Betalin Black and mounted on rigs tied with King of the Pond rig bits and hooks.

The smaller of the two went 21lb 6oz

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