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48 Hours / 2 Anglers – Knowledge Tuition





The Knowledge-Carp Tuition with Jamie Clossick @Clearwater Fisheries, Carnforth, Lancashire.

All lessons include full ticket for the duration of the stay and Nashbait boilies.

1 person 24 hours coaching £250
1 person 48hrs coaching £325
2 People 24 hours coaching £350
2 people 48 hours coaching £500

Gain some of ‘The Knowledge’ that has helped Jamie Clossick catch over 25 UK 40lb carp including numerous county records, 3x 48lb plus common carp and 3 UK 50lb fish including a 58.10 mirror and 54..6 common from some of the UKs hardest and lowest stock venues, many of which involved travelling huge distances and competing with some of the country’s top anglers


Jamie has over 30 years experience fishing solely for Carp in the UK & abroad.

“These days you can join a venue such as Wellington Country Park and if you know what you are doing catch 25 x 40s in a season.
Most of the waters that I have caught big fish in had less than 25 fish swimming about in total and maybe one or two really big carp.
One such lake had around seven carp in 90 plus acres of lake. Numbers can be judged in modern carp fishing but they are certainly not the be-all and end-all, sometimes it is simply the journey that takes you there. “


What you will learn…

24 Hour Session.

Watercraft – Learn how I choose a swim in varying conditions and then to read the water (and fish) by observation and taking various aspects such as weather and angling pressure in to consideration.

Marker Float Use – Learn how to accurately read the lakebed with a marker float then find a spot (or a spot within a spot) and then find the spot every time with ease using measuring techniques.

Casting Lessons – Learn or perfect the art of casting under-arm, punch cast and distance casting to accurately fish the chosen area.

Bait Application– Learn how I apply bait to a spot in various conditions to induce feeding in a multitude of situations including spombing super accurately to spread baiting and many other methods.

Rig Tying – Learn the ‘goto’ rigs that I use for most situations plus anything from a simple knotless knot through to more advanced rigs such as hinged stiff links, line aligners, anchor rig etc.

Bite Indication – Help to understand bite indication and make your set up so sensitive that you are aware of everything going on in your swim including line bites and drop-backs etc.

Fish Handling & Safety – Learn how to handle your catch safely and use items such as retainer slings without risk to the fish.

48 Hour Session

Surface Fishing – Perfect the art of catching carp off the surface either free-lining or using a controller float.

Zig Rig Fishing – Learn how to fish using zig rigs either on their own or with bait application using sloppy spodmixes and the spodcopter.

P.V.A Work – Learn how to get the most from p.v.a with solid bags, p.v.a sticks, mesh bags and stringers.

Snag Fishing – Learn how to extract carp from snaggy waters in a SAFE way.

If you book a 48 hour session there is more time to focus on things that you would like to know from advanced rig tying to how to approach a specific lake or set of problems that you maybe encountering on your own lake and any other questions that you may have.


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