Single hookbaits kickstart freezing Brasenose haul

The biggest of the session went 31lb 4oz

Fishing single hookbaits in temperatures as low as -6c got Paddy Ramsden off to a flying start as he built a hit of 18 fish to 31lb 4oz at Linear Fisheries.

With a biting wind blowing into his swim on Brasenose One, Paddy began his two-night session by fishing singles at range.

“The weather was brutally cold already and with the 30mph wind banging in my face I opted for singles blasted out to the middle,” he said, “The lead bumped a fish on my second cast so that would do nicely!

“Within a few hours I had managed five carp to mid-20s, including a double take, so decided to set up for the night and make the most of the action.


“Throughout the night, temperatures dropped down to -6c but I still managed another couple of bites.

“As first light approached I anticipated the action would start again so I thought five or six Spombs of mixed corn, CC Moore Live System crumb and Amino 365 liquid would hold the carp for longer periods.

This mirror weighed 26lb 3oz

“Every hour I sent another Spomb of the mix out, which did the trick. Takes occurred in batches, including three more double takes and a triple take!

“With the lake closing for maintenance at 8am the following day, we had to be off but I ended up with 18 carp, including 15 above 20lb and the pick of the bunch a hard-fighting mirror at 31lb 4oz.”

Paddy used 12mm CC Moore Elite Golden Spice pop-ups.

A 23lb 11oz B1 mirror for Paddy

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