Redmire’s Clarissa to feature on new rod licences

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This year’s rod licence card will feature a fish familiar to almost all carp anglers.

Clarissa, Dick Walker’s 44lb record common from 1952, will be on all Environment Agency three-rod coarse and trout licences for 2018.

The fish, which was also known as Ravioli and went to live in London Zoo after its capture from Redmire Pool, has been captured by wildlife artist and passionate angler David Miller.

The standard two-rod licence will feature another Miller painting of a gudgeon.

Significant changes were made to the rod-licence system in 2017, including the introduction of a three-rod licence for the first time.

The changes since 2017 are:

  • A new three-rod licence
  • Licences for under 16s are now free (previously £5)
  • All rod licences now last for 365 days from the date of purchase (so if you buy one on July 1 this year it’ll last until the end of June 2019)

Rod licence costs for 2018/19:

  • All are valid from 1/4/2018 but last a year from date of purchase
  • Three-rod licence: £45 (£30 for concessions)
  • Two-rod licence: £30 (£20 for concessions)
  • One-day licence: £6
  • Eight-day licence: £12
  • Junior (12-16): Free (under 12s don’t need a licence)

Sales of fishing licences for the 2016/17 season raised £21 million, which the EA used to help restock a total of 6,335,000 fish.

In the same period, the agency checked 63,000 rod licences and prosecuted 2,795 people for not having one.

Licences can be bought from https://www.gov.uk/fishing-licences

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